Produce energy

At ENGIE E&P, we are currently producing gas from fields in Germany, Norway, The UK, The Netherlands and Egypt.

Cygnus Alpha installation in the North Sea. Photo: ENGIE E&P

In December 2016 “First gas” was exported from our Cygnus field, labelled the “Largest undeveloped natural gas discovery in the last 25 years in the Southern North Sea”.

Applying our “KNOW-HOW” across the Gas Production Chain
We implement our expertise and research projects to enhance “know-how” and technologies for integration of all phases of the gas production chain.
Key elements of the production phase include security, environment protection, efficiency of the processes and new “technological boundaries” which are reinforced through continuous Research and Development. Our Production Engineers contribute to operations and continuity plans, and the preparation of the start-up phase, in a safe, sustainable and cost effective manner.

Connected Solutions
EMIS (ENGIE Mobile Inspection Solution)
In Norway we have developed a mobile solution “EMIS” (in conjunction with Bouvet IT) for offshore pipe inspections.
The use of Ecom tablets (produced by HawCom) and the EMIS inspection app, enable inspectors to take photos of pipes in difficult to access locations and note potential damage.
The EMIS app has been used on our Gjøa platform in the North Sea. The number of inspected pipes has doubled with estimated savings of 5-10 million Norwegian kroners per year from improved efficiency and risk scenarios.
More information on EMIS

Inspecting using EMIS on the ENGIE operated Gjøa platform in the North Sea. Photo: Koen Vlaemick

SATOS (SAT Operator Support)
SATOS is an online web-based database solution for handling/accessing procedures, check lists and other relevant information for operators. This online solution ensures the latest and updated versions of procedures.

Our standards : Production Performance Management Standard (PPMS)
PPMS provides Production Performance governance to be used within our organisation which enables to demonstrate Production Performance, as the delivery of the maximum sustainable safe production is a fundamental part of our business success.

PPMS makes available a uniform methodology to enable us to improve our production performance. It provides a high level governance and guidance document for formalised production forecasting, reporting, analysis as well as a common set of principles and terminology.

Using technology to regulate the flow and extend the life of fields

  • Reduction of water permeability in gas wells
  • Stimulation
  • Water treatment and injection
  • Offshore Foam injection for the longevity of well production

About Foam injection