Develop our ideas

Choosing the best solution for producing hydrocarbons in a safe and sustainable way.

Construction site for the topside of Jangkrik (May 2014). Photo ENGIE E&P

Our goal is to deliver expected engineering & construction quality and production efficiency, whilst fully meeting commercial, investment, environmental and safety targets and obligations.

The work of our Development Engineers is essential for choosing the best technical and economical solution and for implementation of investment decisions.

We are an active operator and partner both onshore and offshore.
As an operator, our projects follow a Stage-Gate® process, starting with Appraisal, Concept Select, Concept Define, Front-End Engineering Design and Execution. This process ensures that the field will be developed in a way that maximises safety, sustainability and profitability, and that the project will be delivered safely, on time and within budget.

Organising independent, cross-disciplinary peer reviews at each phase helps us determine whether to proceed with the project or recycle it. These processes have been applied to our major projects: Touat (Algeria) and Cygnus (the UK North Sea).

As a partner, we play an important role, anticipating and solving problems as well as defining optimal development strategies, working closely with operators and other partners. Our commitment as a non-operator but an active partner is evident in the facilities Jangkrik in Indonesia and Absheron in Azerbaijan, both extensive projects of a large-scale.

Responding to today’s technical challenges
We have drilled 157 wells in the past 10 years, demonstrating our expertise in:

  • Sub-salt Developments
  • Horizontal and HP/HT well design
  • Subsea installations
  • Stimulation technologies
  • Well servicing
  • Workover
  • Well abandonment

Maersk Explorer drilling rig drilling the Absheron exploration well, Photo: Maersk