The ENGIE E&P operated Gjøa platform May 2016. Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Technologies & innovations

We seek to use new technologies and innovations in order to produce hydrocarbons in a safe and sustainable way.

Explore resources

Eva Gerick works as a geologist for ENGIE E&P. Photo: ENGIE E&P

Our Geoscientists play a vital role in giving a clear picture of underground formations which is crucial to finding the 'best' locations.

Develop our ideas

Construction site for the topside of Jangkrik (May 2014). Photo ENGIE E&P

Choosing the best solution for producing hydrocarbons in a safe and sustainable way.

Produce energy

Cygnus Alpha installation in the North Sea. Photo: ENGIE E&P

At ENGIE E&P, we are currently producing gas from fields in Germany, Norway, the UK, the Netherlands and Egypt.

Restore nature

Cliff and water. Photo: Philippe Dureuil

We place a particular focus on the importance of safe removal of our installations, ensuring ecosystem is left intact.