Corporate social responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is key in the long-term business thinking of our company. Several objectives have been set.

Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Identifying growth opportunities
Sustainable business aims to identify and transform environmental and societal problems into development opportunities that benefit all people and limit the consumption of natural resources.

Limiting impact
Managing non-financial risk is the second key in our sustainability strategy, which treats issues such as the environment, the local and international acceptability of our activities, health and safety, human resources management and ethics.

Value creation and sustainability
Through the dual effort of developing these business opportunities and optimizing non-financial risk management, our company creates value not only for its shareholders, but also for the entire community of its stakeholders.

To this end, the sustainable development policy is connected to the following policies:

  • Human Resources, to promote initiative and innovation while making diversity a catalyst of the company’s transformation. 
  • Ethics, to act in compliance with values, laws and regulations in the countries where we are located. 
  • Health and safety, to improve working conditions, reduce risk and boost professionalism in health and safety matters. 
  • Minimise our impact on the environment. 
  • Listening and dialogue with stakeholders to form relationships built on trust.
  • Responsible procurement.