Njord (No)

The Njord field has been developed with a floating steel platform, Njord A, which has an integrated deck with drilling and processing facilities, as well as living quarters.

Map of the Njord field on the Norwegian continental shelf.

During the first phase of the field’s lifetime, the oil was recovered using 11 production wells, while four injection wells sent the gas back down into the reservoir, to provide pressure support.

In 2012 an extensive maintenance and modification campaign was completed on Njord A to enable extended lifetime, output from the Hyme field and production from the Njord North-West Flank.

In addition, the processing plant was optimised for low-pressure production. Recovery from the Njord field is expected to be 333 million barrels of oil equivalent (mboe), with exports divided more or less equally between oil and gas. This is a significant increase from the 200 mboe estimated in the plan for development and operation (PDO).

Oil transportation

The oil from Njord is transported by pipeline from the platform to the storage vessel Njord Bravo, which is anchored right next to the platform.

The vessel has an oil storage capacity of 110,000 cubic meters, and is anchored to a tower buoy, which in turn is fastened to the sea floor by an eight-point anchoring system.

The oil is then transferred from Njord Bravo to an oil tanker, for transportation to the market.

Gas transportation

Gas from the Njord field is exported through a 40 kilometre pipeline tied back to the Åsgard Transport pipeline. Åsgard Transport links the field with the Kårstø gas processing plant and the trunk lines onward to the European gas market.

Location: Norwegian Sea. Blocks 6407/7 and 6407/10, around 130 km northwest of Kristiansund in Norway and 30 km west of the Draugen field.

Production start: 30 September 1997

Production: Oil and gas

Partners: ENGIE E&P Norge AS (40%), DEA Norge AS (30%), Statoil Petroleum AS (20% and operator), Faroe Petroleum Norge (7.5%) and VNG Norge (2.5%)

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The Njord platform in the Norwegian Sea. Photo: Øyvind Nesvåg