The Gudrun platform on the Norwegian continental shelf. Photo: Eli Skjæveland Tengesdal.

Partner-operated fields in production

ENGIE E&P is partner in several fields in production.

Fram (NO)

Fram template illustration.

The Fram oil field in the North Sea comprises the Fram Vest and Fram Øst fields.

Njord (NO)

The Njord platform in the Norwegian Sea. Photo: Øyvind Nesvåg

The Njord field has been developed with a floating steel platform, Njord A, which has an integrated deck with drilling and processing facilities, as well as living quarters.

Snøhvit (NO)

The Snøhvit field is processed through the world’s northernmost liquefied natural gas facility at Malkøya. Photo: Eiliv Leren

Without surface installations, the Snøhvit field involves bringing natural gas to land for liquefaction and export from the first plant of its kind in Europe and the world’s northernmost liquefied natural gas facility.

Gudrun (NO)

The ENGIE E&P management visit to Aibel yard in Haugesund, Norway, during construction of Gudrun platform topside in April 2013. Photo: Hans Kenneth Olsen.

Gudrun is developed with a traditional steel platform resting on the seabed. The Gudrun field holds about 184 million barrels of oil equivalents and it is a high pressure, high temperature reservoir.

Alam El Shawish West (EG)

Production facilities of the Alam El Shawish concession.

Alam El Shawish West is an onshore production concession part of the Operated by Others (OBO) portfolio and is located in the Western Desert - Egypt. It is composed of three areas: Al Karam, Al Assil, Al Barq.

Ashrafi (EG)

Ashrafi receiving facilities – onshore.

The Ashrafi field was discovered in 1986. The licence covers an area of 124 km², with a reservoir depth ranging between 1,500 and 2,000 m.

Southern North Sea (UK)

Map of the Southern North Sea region.

ENGIE E&P holds 11 non-operated assets in the Southern North Sea region, seven of which are currently producing.


Map of the non-operated platforms in the Dutch North Sea.

ENGIE E&P currently have three non-operated platforms in the Dutch North Sea.