Asset 1 Dutch North Sea

In the Dutch North Sea ENGIE E&P has several operated assets.

Map of Asset area 1 in the Dutch North Sea.

Asset 1 consists of the L10-A main complex and normally manned platforms in the D15, E17, K2, K9 and K12 blocks.

The main L10-A complex consists of four platforms:

  • L10-AD drilling platform
  • L10-AP production platform, bridge linked
  • L10-AR riser platform, bridge linked
  • L10-AC compression platform, bridge linked

Installations: L10-AD in 1972, L10-AP & L10-AR in 1975, L10-AC in 1987

Location: The complex is located in the Dutch North Sea at a distance of 62.5 km (33.8 NM) from Den Helder.

Maximum POB: 64

Water depth: 26.0 m


  • L10-AD EBN, Rosewood, XTO
  • L10-AP EBN, Rosewood, XTO
  • L10-AC NGT owned: Partners: Rosewood, XTO, PensionDanmark
  • L10-AR NGT owned: Partners: Rosewood, XTO, PensionDanmark
The L10-A main complex.