ENGIE employees at our operated production platform, Gjøa, on the Norwegian continental shelf. Photo: Jan Inge Haga

Operated fields in production

ENGIE E&P is the proud operator of several fields in production.

Gjøa (NO)

Gjøa is a semi-submersible production unit with full processing and export capabilities. Photo: Jan Inge Haga.

Gjøa is ENGIE E&P's first production operatorship on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Cygnus (UK)

Cygnus Alpha complex during commissioning phase. Photo: Polar Media.

The Cygnus development consists of four platforms including two drilling centres which target a total of 10 wells. Cygnus came on stream in December 2016.

Juliet (UK)

Subsea tree for the G1 well. Photo: Jamie Ireland.

Juliet was discovered by ENGIE E&P at the end of 2008, with project sanction taking place in June 2012. A fast track project, first gas was produced in January 2014.

Asset 1 Dutch North Sea

The L10-A main complex.

The asset 1 area in the Dutch North Sea consists of the L10-A main complex and normally manned platforms in the D15, E17, K2, K9 and K12 blocks.

Asset 2 Dutch North Sea

The K12-B main complex.

The asset 2 area in the Dutch North Sea consists of the K12-B main complex and unmanned satellites in the L10, K12 and Q13 blocks.

Asset 3 Dutch North Sea

The F3 complex.

The asset 3 area in the Dutch North Sea consists of the F3-B/G17-A complexes and satellites in G14, G16, L5 and L15 blocks.