Decommissioning in the Netherlands

Based on national and international regulations E&P operators are obliged to remove oil and gas installations after these have stopped operating.

Decommissioning platform in the Dutch part of the North Sea

As more and more gas projects will reach the end of their economic life in the years to come, decommissioning will be a major issue for E&P companies as ENGIE E&P.

The Dutch state organisation EBN B.V. has presented a masterplan on decommissioning.

Read about the masterplan here.

ENGIE E&P is well prepared –financially and technically- to face this challenge in the years ahead. Furthermore, ENGIE E&P in the Netherlands is assessing opportunities with the government, knowledge institutions and NGOs to leave two jackets of gas platforms in a pilot project focused on restoring biodiversity.

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Past decommissioning projects

During past decommissioning projects, all topsides have been re-used for new developments:

  • 1988: L10-G into L10-L
  • 1999: L11-A into K9ab-B
  • 2000: L10-K into L10-M
  • 2005: K12-E into G16-A
  • 2005: K11-B into G14-A
  • 2006: K12-A into K12-K