Cygnus Alpha complex during commissioning phase. Photo: Polar Media.

Our activities

Discover all the activities of ENGIE E&P.

Operated fields in production

The L10-A main complex.

ENGIE E&P is the proud operator of several fields in production.

Partner-operated fields in production

The Gudrun platform on the Norwegian continental shelf. Photo: Eli Skjæveland Tengesdal.

ENGIE E&P is partner in several fields in production.

Development projects

The Cara discovery was made by the drilling rig Transocean Arctic.

ENGIE E&P has several promising development projects across the world.

Our portfolio

ENGIE E&P license portfolio worldwide

The ENGIE E&P portfolio consists mainly of licenses in the North Sea area.


Map over pipelines on the Dutch part of the North Sea

Pipeline design engineering, offshore installation & operations are key elements of expertise within the ENGIE E&P organisation.


Decommissioning platform in the Dutch part of the North Sea

Based on national and international regulations E&P operators are obliged to remove oil and gas installations after these have stopped operating.

Operations in Germany

ENGIE E&P operations in Germany

ENGIE E&P bundles its activities in Germany through its subsidiary ENGIE E&P Deutschland GmbH.