ENGIE E&P Nederland B.V. withdraws from gas exploration North of Schiermonnikoog

01. Feb. 2017

Following a comprehensive internal analysis, ENGIE E&P decided not to carry out exploration drillings North of Schiermonnikoog. The exploration license (which expires on June 17, 2017) will not be extended and the environmental licenses will be returned to the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

ENGIE E&P appreciates the judgement of the Council of State and considers this as a confirmation of a prudent and thorough preparation process during which amongst others constructive meetings took place with several stakeholders (e.g. coalition "No Drilling near Schiermonnikoog" *).

* The broad coalition ‘No Drilling near Schiermonnikoog’ consists of the inhabitants of Schiermonnikoog, united in Horizon Schiermonnikoog and 17 NGOs and environmental organizations, including the Waddenvereniging, Natuurmonumenten, Urgenda en Milieudefensie.