Offshore Worker on the bridge at Cygnus Alpha. Photo by Menno Mulder

About us

ENGIE E&P is a European oil and gas company building on over 50-year experience. With the help of 1,741 employees throughout 12 countries, ENGIE E&P produces hydrocarbons and energises the lives of the equivalent of 7.5 million of European households each year.

Company profile

Key figures at end of 2016

Our ambition is to create value through safe, efficient operations and innovative solutions.


We aim to build and run our business in a sustainable way, with the objective to maximize our assets value in Europe and North Africa.


Photo: Antoine Meyssonnier

The Executive Committee consists of 13 members, headed by Maria Moræus Hanssen, CEO of ENGIE E&P.


The ENF19 rig at the Touat field in Algeria. Photo: Dureuil Philippe.

ENGIE has over 50 years' experience in exploration and production worldwide.

Contact us

ENGIE E&P Head Office in La Defence in Paris, France.

Please find the contact information to our offices.

Supply chain

Crane operator at Gjøa unloading from the supply vessel Siddis Supplier. Photo: Jan Inge Haga.

Relevant information and documentation for suppliers of ENGIE E&P.


Gjøa semi. Photo: Jan Inge Haga

REMIT (Regulation on Wholesale Energy Market Integrity and Transparency) is an EU-regulation.